About Us

Ketan Corporation is a prestigious supplier of quality Ball Bearings, Pillow Block
Bearings and Spherical Roller Bearings. We pride ourselves in supplying the product
knowledge, application expertise, quality control and consistently dependable service
that our customers have come to expect.
We feel pleasure introducing ourselves as one of the leading Importers, Stockists and
Suppliers of Ball Rollers, Taper Rollers and Thrust Rollers, Thrust Bearings in SKF,
FAG, RHP STYER ZKL Japan (All make) and China
Our main target is customer service. We believe that it makes difference in this
competitive age of business. Ketan Corporation gives every customer fast and
dependable response from Experienced expert personnel. We start taking care as our
customer makes an inquiry. We always try to understand first our customer’s needs
and their Problems. We try to provide them the best suitable products at very
competitive price.
Some of our customers have special requirements, we respond to their call
immediately, we always try to meet them on their place to understand their needs and
meet their needs which is the core of the relationship between our customer and Ketan
Bearing Corporation.

Vision                                                             Ketan Bearing

To be the most preferred Supplier for Automotive Bearing,Assemblies and to be a
major Supplier of Industrial and Slewing Bearings.


1) Develop design, Development and validation capabilities for automotive, slewing and
Industrial bearings.

2) Obtain customer approvals for new bearings and assemblies like slewing and industrial.

3) Develop cost effective manufacturing facilities for hubs, Slweing and Industrial bearings and

4) Obtain the largest market share in automotive and be in the top three
manufacturers of slewing and industrial bearings.